MDA Training

MDA’s training service works with the wider Australian public including community organisations, government departments and private businesses to equip people with the knowledge and skills to work effectively across cultures. This helps refugees, migrants and international students feel welcomed and access equitable services that enable them to contribute back to society.

MDA’s training service also trains internal staff and volunteers in this cultural competency.

The training delivers a better understanding of culture and the settlement journey of newly arrived Australians as well as ‘ready to apply’ strategies and skills to encourage engagement and demonstrate cross-cultural communication and culturally sensitive approaches to conflict management.

We deliver public training days on packages, such as Working with Refugees; Working Effectively with Diversity, as well as training that is tailored to the particular work and roles of organisations.

The best presentation / training around cross-cultural work I have experienced.  An extremely informative, useful and educational presentation.  I feel my work is better informed and improved by this training. (Participant feedback from the Working With Refugees training held in Brisbane, 2017)

We offer public courses each year delivered throughout Queensland.

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11 September 2019 | Brisbane

18 December 2019 | Brisbane



21 August 2019 | Brisbane

23 October 2019 | Brisbane


We have extensive experience in delivering fully customised in-house training according to your organisations specific challenges.  We’d love to discuss your needs as an organisation and support you in embedding cultural diversity and inclusion practices across your organisation.

For more information, email us  or call 0432 569 720 or 07 3337 5400.

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