#CreateWelcome week

16 – 30 June 2017

#CreateWelcome Week is a worldwide series of diverse cultural events – an opportunity to celebrate the cultural contribution of Brisbane’s multicultural communities – many of whom are from refugee backgrounds.

Brisbane City Council (BCC) and MDA (Multicultural Development Australia) are celebrating World Refugee Week 2017 with their series of colourful #CreateWelcome Week events held throughout Brisbane city from 16 – 30 June 2017.

Since 2008, BCC has provided funding to MDA to celebrate World Refugee Week, aiming to ensure Brisbane is a city where residents from refugee backgrounds can feel welcome and contribute. #CreateWelcome Week recognises the valuable cultural contribution to our community by people from diverse backgrounds.

Brisbane organisations and community groups, led by MDA’s Welcome Hub network and supported by Queensland Government through the CAMS programme, will host a myriad of events across the city and suburbs – including Iftar Dinners, picnics, storytelling sessions, a special ‘Poems for Peace’ World music concert in the city, with spoken word and dance, fashion displays, cultural lunches, cross-cultural conversations and story telling at five libraries in Brisbane.

#CreateWelcome Week has a strong cross-cultural aspect, reminding us that all cultures practice the same human rituals but with subtly different and beautiful approaches – whether it be welcoming new people,  cooking, music, dance, fashion, storytelling or sharing our traditions.

#CreateWelcome Week events are aimed to strengthen inter-cultural conversation and promote understanding especially through shared cultural experiences

FREE Events during #CreateWelcome Week 2017