Husna’s story | Annual report 2015-16

Husna’s story

Annual report 2015-16

MDA’s job readiness program for youth, Skill Up, has succeeded in more than just helping 19-year-old Husna Nabi secure her first job.

Skill Up has given Husna the confidence and skills to pursue her career goal of one day managing a business in her new home country.

Of Afghan heritage, Husna was born in Pakistan and completed up to year eight of schooling in an English-speaking school before arriving in Brisbane with her four siblings and mother in January 2014.

Shy and introverted when she began school in Australia, Husna heard about Skill Up – an initiative of the Migrant Youth Vision Project (MYVP) – through a classmate at Kedron State High School.

Husna enrolled in the program’s first round in May as the only female in the group and worked with the MYVP team to identify her employment and career goals.

From there, she flourished and with support, she prepared her resume, took part in mock job interviews and applied for local jobs on Brisbane’s northside through MDA’s employment network.

“Before this, I was the type of person who couldn’t even say hi to people, but just recently I spoke in front of 500 people!” Husna said.

“The program really helped me develop my communication skills and my confidence.

I also made new friends so I’m very grateful for the opportunities it has given me.”

Before Skill Up’s first round finished in June, Husna had already secured a part-time job with Jabiru Community, Youth and Children’s Services Association in their before and after school care program.

She’ll start work when she graduates from her Year 12 studies and hopes this will inspire other young women.

“I like to be a role model for other young Muslim girls in Australia,” she said.

“I want everyone to do what I did; get out there and make the most of opportunities to develop your skills. For young people who are struggling to get a job or are a bit shy talking to other people, I definitely recommend Skill Up.”

Husna is enrolled in a Certificate III in Business Administration and a Certificate II in Hospitality. She also plans to study a diploma in accounting and bachelor’s degree in business law.

Husna believes this education pathway, coupled with her newly-secured work experience, will give her the best chance of achieving her ultimate career goal of managing a big business in Australia.

MDA youth engagement worker Anna Tate isn’t surprised by Husna’s achievements to date or her drive to continually achieve more.

“Husna is unafraid to take advantage of every opportunity she is presented,” Anna said.

“Her enthusiasm and energy has seen her accomplish so much in a relatively short period of time since she arrived in Australia.”

Husna’s story is a highlight of MDA’s 2015-16 annual report, which was launched in December 2015. Read the report in full here.