Do you want to engage more effectively with people from refugee backgrounds?

This training program gives you practical skills to enhance the services you provide to people from refugee backgrounds within the welfare and services sector.

‘The best presentation / training around cross-cultural work I have experienced.  An extremely informative, useful and educational presentation.  I feel my work is better informed and improved by this training.’

(Participant feedback from the Working With Refugees training held in Brisbane)

Upcoming dates  Please click on the date to register:
16 May 2019 | Brisbane

24 July 2019 | Brisbane

Brisbane, Toowoomba, Rockhampton
MDA Ltd (Multicultural Development Australia)
Who should attend
  • Anyone whose work brings them into contact with people from refugee backgrounds eg. settlement workers, youth workers, health care and disability professionals, employment, family support and income support service providers, counselling professionals, education professionals, emergency service providers, religious organisations, aged care providers, recreation and community groups
  • Professionals responsible for policy or program development
  • Professionals and volunteers seeking to enhance their cultural competency when engaging with people from refugee backgrounds
1 x full day training session, 9:30am to 4:30pm
$250 per participant (catering provided)
 Group discounts
3 to 5 participants per organisation per session: 15% discount
6 to 10 participants per organisation per session: 20% discount
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16 May 2019 | Brisbane

24 July 2019 | Brisbane

For assistance with the registration and payment process, please email or call us on 0432 569 720 or 07 3337 5400.
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This program will address service delivery challenges including:

  • Understanding and communicating with clients from diverse refugee backgrounds
  • Responding appropriately to needs specific to people from refugee backgrounds
  • Helping people from refugee backgrounds regain their independence

This training program provides you with ready-to-apply strategies for managing these challenges so you can achieve peak performance in your organisation.

Lili Sanchez is the Cultural Competency Coordinator at MDA.

Lili arrived in Australia in 1988 as a Refugee on a Humanitarian Visa and she is passionate about sharing the experience of newly arrived Australian’s and how everyone has a role to play in creating welcome.

Lili develops training packages to suit diverse workplaces.

A skilled and experienced storyteller, Lili draws on her lived experience to give participants practical skills that are relevant to their work.

Lili has a background in Anthropology and Philosophy with a strong focus on migration and world issues. She enjoys researching and learning new theories and topics around diversity, culture, language and refugees.

Lili has featured in La Boite Theatre Company’s immersive theatre production The Village and has shared her story through many platforms including podcast, ABC radio, and more recently at the Brisbane Writers Festival as part of Mem Fox’s book “I am Australian too”.

Here is what others have said about Lili’s training:

“I enjoyed the workshop immensely last Thursday and everything about it was so professional and informative, so thank you to you and your team.”  – Jennifer, The Smith Family

“Hi Lili, thank you very much for the great day yesterday – your presentation skills, depth of knowledge, and clear passion for what you do are inspiring and enlightening, to say the least.”  – Laura, Tutor/Teacher

After completing this training program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the experiences of clients from refugee backgrounds
  • Understand Australia’s resettlement program and how it fits within the nation’s response to refugees
  • Define “settlement” and identify the key objectives of settlement service delivery
  • Understand the impact of the refugee journey on people’s capacity to adapt to life in Australia
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes needed to work successfully with refugees. This includes:
    • Understanding culture and its impact on our work
    • Requirements for successful cross-cultural interactions
    • Strategies for cross-cultural communication
    • How to conduct an effective needs assessment
    • Culturally sensitive approaches to conflict management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of self awareness and support
This course can be customised and delivered in-house for a highly tailored and cost-effective training program.  For more information, please email or call us on 0432 569 720 or 07 3337 5400.
The following programs may also be suitable for your organisation:

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Phone:  0432 569 720 or 07 3337 5400.

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Free Resources for Registered Training Organisations

MDA is part of a consortium of agencies with a track record in developing quality training packages for use within the VET system that focus specifically on building the capacity of those working with people from refugee backgrounds.  To date, three packages have been developed:

CHCSET001: Work Effectively with Forced Migrants | A general overview for anyone whose work brings them into contact with refugees or other forced migrants, be they settlement workers, teachers, employment officers, nurses or a worker in any one of many other fields.

CHCSET002: Undertake Bicultural Work with Forced Migrants in Australia | For people from a refugee background who are working or want to work with refugees.

CHCYTH001: Engage Respectfully with Young People from Refugee BackgroundsFor people working, or intending to work, with young people from refugee backgrounds

Download the training packages using the links above, or search for these titles at the online bookshop at AMES Australia.

Each training package contains a comprehensive Trainer’s Guide and a Participant’s Handbook,  available free of charge to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and agencies wanting to enhance the skills of their staff.  In addition, RTOs can request an Assessment Guide that includes  fully developed assessment tasks, a validated assessment matrix and a marking guide.