Australian businesses are increasingly mindful of the advantages of a diverse, globally-connected workforce.

Work & Welcome enables organisations to realise these benefits by funding a 12-week paid work placement to a new Australian. The benefits to industry and business of increased diversity are real and rewarding.

Increase your business revenue and innovation

  • More than 80% of host employers say Work & Welcome enabled them to access new customers, think and engage differently, and innovate new services and products.
  • New Australians are highly motivated and bring a wide range of skills and experience, including resilience, problem solving and an ability to work productively with different cultures.

Address Queensland skills shortages

  • More than 6,000 new Australians have under-utilised skills that align with current shortages.
  • Diverse workplaces and communities are key drivers of Queensland’s economic growth – Deloitte Access Economics estimated the economy could be $250 million larger in 10 years if the skills of migrants were fully utilised.

Realise organisational benefits

  • Host employers report significant growth in their social capital – the connections and values shared by an organisation’s workforce.
  • HR departments report healthier, happier and more productive workplace cultures.
  • Team members working alongside Work & Welcome placements tell of rich and rewarding experiences.

Lead in corporate social responsibility

  • Provide meaningful employment for our newest Australians – getting connected and gaining work experience are key barriers to new arrivals finding employment commensurate with their skills.
  • Work & Welcome is something real that individual businesses can do to transform lives, businesses and communities.

A proven, 100% tax deductible model

  • Over 70% of Work & Welcome placements have found ongoing work with their host employer or another organisation.
  • The cost of Work & Welcome placements is 100% tax deductible through MDA.
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The Process

How my business get involved?

For Business

Contact MDA’s Work & Welcome co-ordinator for a no-obligation consultation about tailoring Work & Welcome to suit the needs of your organisation.

P: 07 3337 5400
E: [email protected]

How can I help?

For Individuals

Donate to the Work & Welcome Fund

Work & Welcome relies on the generosity of everyone in our community to create job opportunities for new Australians.

Every dollar you contribute makes a difference.

Work & Welcome helps build our culture

“We are busy building a culture that values diverse and future-focused thinking, inclusivity, asking for help and a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’. Work & Welcome lays a really valuable role here, bringing in fresh thinking and expanding the range of experience and knowledge in our organisation.” – Queensland Urban Utilities